5 Books Every Man Should Read ASAP!


6 years ago when I started my first business I had zero business knowledge or background. Knowing this, a friend who is the founder and CEO of an INC.500 fastest growing company pulled me aside and gave me a challenge. He told me that if I didn't equip myself with knowledge I'd fail. He then proceeded to tell me that he wanted to see me read 200 books in my first year of business to essentially give myself my own business degree.

So, I did it. 200 books in one year.

It's been said that the man who does not read has no advantage over the man who cannot read. I fully believe this. Through books, we have access to some of the most influential minds. When I read a book I feel as though the author has become my virtual mentor and they are my teacher for the next 200 or so pages. If you want to grow by leaps and bounds as a man, husband, or father, one of the easiest ways you can do that is to start reading more. 

But Cody I don't have time to read. False. You fail to make time for reading because you don't think it's valuable. If I told you that by simply reading one book every month you would get paid more at work, have a better marriage, be a better father, experience more fulfillment in your life, and enjoy better relationships, would you? Of course, you would. Good news. That's exactly what reading does. It makes you better by equipping you with the knowledge you wouldn't have otherwise had.

With that said here are the first 5 books I'd recommend you buy today and start working your way through. Enjoy.

1. Extreme Ownership


Written by two of the most badass and decorated Navy Seals of our time Extreme Ownership uses lessons from the battlefield in the Iraq war to teach you how to be a better leader in every area of your life by adopting the "Extreme Ownership" mentality. It's absolutely impossible to read this book and not be better for it.

2. Essentialism


It's most often the case that we don't need to add more "stuff" or activities to our life to make it more fulfilling or enjoyable, rather, we need to subtract things. Essentialism walks you through how to reduce the clutter in your life so you can fully enjoy it. When I read this book and applied what it teaches it 100% reduced the amount of stress my wife and I felt in our everyday life. You'll be glad you got this one.

3. Chase The Lion


If you've ever given up on a dream or need a good 'ol kick in the pants to get you going again running passionately after a dream or vision you have for your life this book will be a shot of adrenaline for you without a doubt. I must warn you though, you will absolutely make some kind of strategic change to your life to begin dreaming again or chasing a dream when you start reading this books, it's seriously that good.

4. The Power Of Full Engagement


Have you ever been distracted by your phone, Facebook, Instagram, Espn, or something else when you should be enjoying time with your family or relaxing? I have my hand raised! I'm totally guilty of this. Often, we can't fully enjoy any part of life because we are constantly being pulled away by other things so we can't give 100% of ourselves to anything. This book teaches you how Olympic gold medalists and elite athletes are able to perform at almost inhuman levels due to their ability to be fully present. Your life with undoubtedly "level up" when reading this book.

5. Think and Grow Rich


Your mind is extremely powerful. The problem is that most men have no friggin clue about how to wield such a powerful weapon, we certainly weren't taught in school. This book is a zero fluff guide on how to fix and set your mind on your goals and the things you want to see come to pass in your life and ACTUALLY see them happen! If you've been failing at setting and reaching goals this book is absolutely for you.

I'd encourage you to not hesitate to at least go buy one of these books right now. Like, click the link/picture of one of the above books and just commit. You'll be better of for it. LASTLY, drop your name and email in the form below so I can shoot yo an email letting you know when more useful articles get released or other fun non-spammy stuff needs to be brought to your attention.