The iron society is for you if...

-You are a man.

-You want or know you need accountability to grow into the man you were created to be

-You are sick and tired of living 'status quo'

-You want to be the best husband you can be

-You want your marriage to grow and thrive again!

-You want to grow as a father

-You want to level up your life in every way possible!


Hey brother. I'm Cody. I'm going to be your coach and your guide in the IronSociety. I recently told a guy on the phone, "I'm not here to pat you one the back, I'm here to kick you in the balls." He laughed. I laughed. Then he said, "Thank you! That's what I need!" Here's the deal. You have an incredible amount of potential inside of you that is currently dormant... my job is to awaken the warrior and winner inside of you again. I refuse to believe that you and I were created to simply work, make a paycheck, pay bills, vacation every so often, repeat for years and year, and then die. There is more. I'm going to help show you that. Get ready. Your best days are ahead of you.

I want to personally invite you into the iron society.


What's included


Private Members Only FB Group

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Monthly Teachings To Challenge, Encourage, & Cause New Growth In You


New Workout Plans Every Month That You Can Do At Home Or At The Gym


Nutrition & Recipes To Torch Fat, Build Muscle, & Increase Testosterone

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Exclusive Interviews Available Only To IronSociety Members


Monthly Studies Of World Famous Leadership, Productivity, & Business Books.


Access Anytime & Anywhere. Completely Mobile Friendly.


Access To The Entire IronSociety Content Library. 

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It's decision time. Let's look at everything you get by being a part of the IronSociety

IronSociety Fitness

Listen here men. I get it. You are busy, tired, and don't "have time to workout". On top of that, you don't want to join a gym and even if you did you have no friggin' idea what to do when you are there. I've created IronSociety fitness program for dudes just like you. Every month I release a new 4 week program designed for the busy mans schedule, with minimal time required, minimal equipment required, all with the MAXIMUM results! What about nutrition? Yeah... that comes included as well. I teach you a way of eating that DON'T HAVE TO COUNT CALORIES and you can still have your beer or whiskey! With meal, nutrition, and workout tutorial videos you won't have to guess at anything! It's all done for you! It's just up to you to put the work in. With almost 15 years of experience being a trainer and helping thousands of people with their health and fitness you are 100% sure to get your health and fitness back so you can enjoy life even more! Let's do this. Oh wait... things get even better. Check out the IronSociety Mastermind below. 

IronSociety Mastermind

Getting your health and fitness dialed in is a great first step... but there is SO MUCH MORE! The IronSociety Mastermind is where we upgrade and level up in every other area of life! We focus on upgrading and optimizing a different area of your life as a man every month including discipline, leadership, communication, mental toughness... you get the point. You'll have a monthly challenge, access to our private FaceBook group which gives you 24/7 access to myself and the other men in the mastermind, access to exclusive subject matter experts, access to our monthly Q&A, and you'll be able to access our whole content archive. The IronSociety Mastermind is where you upgrade your life as well as connect with other men just like you to be encouraged and held accountable to become all that we know you can.

These all add up to the IronSociety Lifestyle

If you want to upgrade every area of your life and grow into your full potential as a man, husband, or father you'll want to dive straight into the IronSociety Lifestyle... here's why...

Most men improve one area of life and then as soon as they try and make improvements in other areas things start to fall apart and they lose all previously made progress. This leaves most men discouraged and feeling hopeless. Enough of that already! It's possible to grow in all areas simultaneously! That's what the IronSociety Lifestyle membership is for!

 With our Lifestyle membership you will have access to everything that IronSociety Fitness & Mastermind have to offer.

The IronSociety Lifestyle membership is $25/mo with no contracts. Yeah... that means you can cancel anytime... however, we doubt you'll want to.