Welcome to what could be one of the most life altering and game changing weekends of your life.

If you don't wake up every morning with fire in your bones relentlessly chasing a compelling vision, this weekend is for you... here's why...

Most men die in their 20s or 30s and just aren't buried for another 50-60 years. Without a battle to fight, a mountain to climb, and a vision to accomplish men wander aimlessly through life. The cycle becomes work, pay bills, live for the weekend, rinse and repeat. That sucks. That's no way to live... well... that's not living... it's barely even surviving... it's just "being".

During the V3 weekend you will begin to dream again, you will shape a vision for your life that will put fire back in your bones, and you will craft a strategy that will enable you to execute that vision and see it through until it's accomplished.

I'm only opening up 15 spots to ensure the success of every man that attends this life changing weekend. Don't be the dude who misses out and later hears about how awesome it was and how men's lives aren't the same now. It's your time. Put your name and email in below to be the first notified when spots open up!